Beyond the Flames – How Fires Affect Your Home or Business

When we think “fire” we naturally think “flames.” While flames are plenty dangerous, they’re also just the tip of the spear when it comes to fire damage. At its core, fire is a chemical reaction, converting fuel and oxygen into carbon dioxide. To our eyes, flames are the visible evidence of this reaction, but there’s plenty more going on in your home or business when a fire breaks out. 

At Guardian Recovery Services, we know the complexities of fire damage. Far from just burning interiors and furnishings, fires deposit soot, carbon, and odors, and even lead to water damage that can render any home or business unusable and uninhabitable. 

To recover quickly and get back to life, as usual, you need a full-service damage restoration company that knows the ins and outs of fire damage restoration. Here’s how fires affect structures beyond the flames.

Beyond the Flames – Fire Damage & Its Aftermath

Smoke Damage

By most accounts, smoke inhalation is more dangerous than flames. Made up of carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide, irritant compounds, toxins, and minuscule particles, smoke poses a serious risk to our health and our properties. But the ingredients in smoke don’t have to be gaseous to be harmful. Smoke can gather as a residue on ceilings, walls, and other surfaces.

At Guardian Recovery Services, we understand the chemistry of smoke. Our smoke damage protocols are supported by experience, certified training, and professional equipment to manage your repairs. Without comprehensive smoke cleanup, your property will remain dangerous, especially to those with respiratory difficulties.

Lingering Odors

Where there’s odor, there’s residue. Smoke odors are unpleasant, distracting, and downright dangerous in homes and businesses, but removing it can be tricky. Smoke damage and odors aren’t limited to drywall and ceilings. Odorous residue can gather between floorboards, inside ceilings, and everywhere in between.

To make sure your property is as safe as possible after a fire, Guardian Recovery Services uses ozone fogging, air filtration, duct cleaning, and dry ice cleaning to deodorize hidden areas within walls, ceilings, and floors where smoke can reach and settle. This improves the air quality, comfort, and usability of your property to help you recover faster and for good.  Safety is always first and foremost, but our protocols also protect the value of your home.

Air Duct Cleaning

Smoke damage restoration and ozone fogging work wonders on their own, but it’s all for nothing if smoke and charred particles make it into your HVAC system. After fire cleanup and restoration finishes, so many home and business owners discover that lingering damage remains in their AC unit. Once the thermostat kicks on, or windows are opened with high humidity, they’re confronted with the trauma of the fire all over again.

Safe, clean, breathable air is a passionate issue of ours at Guardian Recovery Services. For years, we’ve partnered with and supported the C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital right here in Michigan. We also collaborate with local ENTs to reduce the prevalence and impact of asthma in our community. Our air duct services are vital to getting your home, business, multi-family property, or office back in safe working order so that you can get back to life and back to business.

Water Damage

Though it seems contrary to say, water damage is generally a consequence of fire damage. Efforts to extinguish the flames can leave your home or business a charred and sopping mess. Worse still, fire exposes previously covered spaces in your home to a fresh source of water, potentially leading to an uptick in spore or fungal growth. As such, mold remediation is a frequent consequence of fire damage.

Dealing with a fire in your commercial or residential property can feel like a battle against the elements. But with Guardian Recovery Services on your side, you can get back on your feet as quickly, safely, and comprehensively as possible.

More Than Just Flames

When fires break out, you need a full-service damage restoration company that understands them in 3-dimensions. Simply repairing the burnt parts of your property will not be enough to make it safe, livable, and workable again.

For all your damage restoration needs in Ferndale, MI, and metro Detroit, trust Guardian Recovery Services. We’ll advocate for you with your insurance provider so that you have the funds you need to completely recover. 

To learn more about our fire damage restoration process, or for help, today, call (248) 965-5914.

Trust us to rebuild from the ashes on your behalf.

At Guardian Recovery Services, we do more than just clean up and rebuild. We clean air ducts, remove smoke residue and eliminate lingering odors for a complete return to normal. We can also help you save as many of your possessions as possible in the event of water or fire damage. To get back on your feet today, call us today at (248) 965-5914!