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Fire Damage Restoration Service in Madison Heights, Michigan

Guardian Recovery Services is one of Michigan’s leading residential and commercial property restoration and content cleaning contractors. Whether it’s water, fire, smoke, or mold, let us mitigate your disaster with our certified and state-of-the-art remediation services. Our service is unparalleled in this industry and has to be experienced to be believed.

Fire Damage & Cleanup

After your house has been damaged by water, you will need a restoration contractor to restore your home. Guardian Recovery Services is a professional fire damage mitigation contractor and has the proper experience and training to handle your repairs and represent your interests with the insurance company.

Having your home or business suffer through a disaster can be a very traumatic experience. Our first priority is your and your family’s safety. We work on-site and off-site to help you restore your contents and property. Guardian Recovery Services is available 24-7 to help you begin the restoration process.

Caring for Our Customers

When you call GRS, based in Madison Heights, for emergency fire damage services, we first arrive and ensure that you and your family are safe. We are prepared to assist you immediately with clothing, locating alternate accommodations, and other pressing needs for you and your pets. We know in the traumatic aftermath of a fire, you may not know what steps to take next. We are thinking ahead and are prepared to get you through the initial confusion quickly and safely.

Confirming Site Safety

After things become a little more settled, we know that families will sometimes want to comb through the remains of a fire-damaged home to salvage what personal belongings they can find. We understand that there are more than monetary values attached to some important items. But our primary concern is your and your family’s safety. We work with fire and inspection personnel to ensure the site is completely safe before we allow anyone entrance to the property.

Boarding Up The Facility

Part of our process of securing your home site after fire damage is to board up windows and other entrances to secure the facility. This keeps just anyone from entering your property without authorization and potentially becoming injured or removing any of your remaining belongings. We know you have too many other important things to be concerned about besides the security of your damaged home.

Drying Out from Fire Suppression

Fire rescue personnel thoroughly saturate the site of a home fire to ensure the fire is completely out, and any risk of flare-ups is eliminated. Unfortunately, this results in substantial water damage to the remaining structure. Guardian Recovery Services will respond directly and utilize advanced equipment and procedures to remove the water rapidly. GRS will carefully monitor and document the drying process to verify your home or business has dried properly.