Guardian Recovery – Beyond Water Damage & Mold Remediation

When floods soak Michigan, the last thing residents and businesses need is a water damage restoration company that hurries the process for the sake of insurance providers. At Guardian Recovery Services, we know first-hand how insurance companies apply pressure to get the job done quickly and cheaply. Often, this results in incomplete work, shoddy accounting, and years of frustration after the fact. 

When you hire Guardian Recovery to help you move on from disaster, you’ll find a different level of service, commitment, and care. Here’s how.

The Guardian Recovery Difference

Homes and businesses in Oakland, Livingston, and Wayne counties need a restoration company that works for them—not their “fair weather” insurance provider. While getting you back to life and work as quickly as possible, we also execute our work with craftsmanship, stick around until you’re safe and comfortable, and ensure your insurance funds the restoration work you deserve—regardless of how they feel about it.

If your commercial or residential property has suffered fire, water, mold, or smoke damage, don’t wait one minute more to put it right. Call Guardian Recovery today at (248) 965-5914.

Our Services & Our Pledge to You

We’re driven to help you with the following services while wrangling insurance providers until the job’s done right—the first and only time around.

Water Damage

From burst pipes to once-in-a-lifetime flooding, our professional water damage restoration crew has seen just about everything. Whether you’re dealing with shattered plumbing, flooded basements, or a community-wide deluge, we have the tools, techniques, and experience to reverse the effects of water in your home or business.

From our HQ in Ferndale, MI, we provide rapid response for water damage remediation, flood remediation, carpet cleaning, water extraction, and even dangerous sewage water remediation. We’ll also help you recover with contents cleaning services, capable of salvaging and restoring the finest home and office furnishings.

Mold Testing & Mold Remediation

Mold in Michigan is no light matter. At Guardian Recovery, we’re passionate about breathable air and truly care about the safety of your home or business. Our mold remediation and mold removal services are vital to recreating a safe space for clients to live and work. That’s why we use state-of-the-art, third-party testing on both your property and its contents.

We’ll address mold wherever it’s found, including desks, heirloom furniture, documents, and photos. All materials are evaluated and stored in a secure facility, where they’re cleaned, bubble-wrapped, and stored until our on-site mold remediation services are completed.

From testing to removal, we’ll stay until your air is safe to breathe and your contents are restored. Period.  

Fire Damage

Of all the elements that pose a risk to your home or business, fire has a way of combining the worst kinds of damage. Firstly, the flames lick away furnishings, structures, and crucial systems within the property. Next, water from fire hoses soaks what remains. Finally, mold has a way of taking over in the aftermath.

At Guardian Recovery, we address fire damage restoration point-by-point. We’ll start by confirming site safety so that you can recover what’s most important. Next, we’ll board up your property to prevent further damage and begin the drying process to arrest moisture from fire suppression methods. Once these steps are done, the true work can begin—rebuilding. 

Smoke Damage

Fire is more than just flames. Smoke leaves odors, residue, and unhealthy contaminants in the air that make returning to life or work a dangerous prospect. Guardian Recovery understands the chemistry behind smoke and odor removal protocols. With extensive experience, certified training, and professional equipment, we can manage your repairs.

Our ozone fogging method deodorizes hidden areas within walls, ceilings, and floors where smoke often reaches and lingers. Extensive precautions, clearances, and protocols guarantee the safest return to life and work as fast as possible.

Air Duct Cleaning & Air Quality

At Guardian Recovery, air quality is near and dear to our hearts. We’ve partnered with and supported the C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital right here in Michigan, while also working with local ENTs to reduce the prevalence and impact of asthma throughout our communities. Breathable air is a human right, and we’re here to help you breathe easy after the worst happens.

In good times and in bad, Guardian Recovery performs air duct cleaning and air quality services to help residential and commercial properties maintain quality air. Mold, smoke, moisture, and simple age can all contribute to dirty ducts and harmful air. 

Don’t keep on breathing in Lord-knows-what. Call us today and know you’re safe.

Our Pledge to You

During the worst time in your private or professional life, the last thing you need is a restoration company that’s beholden to your insurance provider. We’ll get the job done quick, but we’ll get the job done right. You have exacting standards and high hopes in your home or business. We share those standards, and won’t let penny-pinching insurance providers put us (or you) off. 

For water damage, fire damage, mold remediation, smoke damage, and air duct cleaning, from Ann Arbor to Grosse Pointe and Ferndale, call Guardian Recovery Services today at 248-965-5914! We’ll fight for you, your property, your air, and your restoration project.

Guardian Recovery Works For You—Not Your Insurance Provider

Getting the job done quickly is important, but not at the cost of quality work, clean air, and comprehensive mold removal. While other restoration companies may be quick to write off your contents or talk you into settling for less from your insurance company, we’re invested in your health, safety, and comfort. For more information about our damage restoration services, or to schedule mold remediation today, call us at (248) 965-5914.