Top Causes of Mold Damage in Michigan – How to Detect & Stop It

In all but the most arid states throughout the US, mold is a serious, ongoing concern. Mold is more common than you may think, especially in states with increased rainfall, higher-than-average humidity, and higher-than-average snowfall each year. If that sounds like Michigan to you, you’re certainly not wrong.

As a local company based right here in Ferndale, Michigan, Guardian Recovery Services understands the unique challenges faced by Michiganders when dealing with mold in their homes or businesses. With an annual average of 72.1% humidity—higher than Alabama, Georgia, & Wisconsin—Michigan is at increased risk of mold.

But what are the other, most common causes of mold in Michigan? Let’s take a look.

Most Common Causes of Mold In Michigan

Burst or Leaky Pipes

In Michigan, our harsh winters can result in some funky thermal reactions throughout our plumbing systems. Expanding, contracting, twisting pipes don’t always burst, but small leaks can occur after years of temperature fluctuations.

Small leaks are especially dangerous when it comes to mold production within Michigan homes or businesses. The smaller the leak, the more likely it goes unnoticed or unrepaired, leading to ideal conditions for mold development in your walls, ceilings, or under your floors.

If you suspect a leaky pipe (no matter how small) call the pros at Guardian Recovery today.

Roof Leaks

Just like your pipes, residential and commercial roofs suffer thermal damage throughout long winters and hot summers. Flat commercial roofs are especially susceptible to thermal shock—a condition caused by rapid heating and cooling. Broken tree limbs, storm debris, and high winds can also quickly compromise the best home or business roofs.

Roof leaks are especially common after long winters and feet of snow or ice accumulation. Like glaciers, snow on your roof can shift over time, add extra weight, and open up channels for drips when melting. Without action, your attic or rafters could host untold amounts of mold growth.

Fire Damage

Though it seems counterintuitive to hear, fire damage is one of the leading causes of mold development in Michigan homes and businesses. Fires can quickly gut a home or business, exposing walled-off portions of your structure to water from fire hoses. Water combines with charred timber and heat to create almost ideal conditions for mold growth.

If you have experienced a recent fire in your home or business, mold may be far from your most immediate concerns. But it’s worth remembering that where there’s smoke, there may be mold too.


In Michigan, the Grand River Flood of 2013 caused upwards of $43 million in damage. Flash floods, river floods, and snowmelt account for millions of dollars in damage and thousands of Michigan families displaced each year. In short, you don’t have to live next to a lake or river to experience flooding in Michigan.

Standing flood waters can quickly penetrate the lower levels of any structure, compromising foundations and basements. Even your office or home contents aren’t safe from mold development after flooding. 

When floods strike, the presence of mold should be assumed. Don’t take chances with your family’s or office’s health. Call the pros in mold remediation immediately.

Detect, Test, & Remediate Mold With Guardian Recovery

At Guardian Recovery, we know from experience that mold is more than just a lump of growth on some hidden timber in the wall. It’s also in the air you breathe. That’s why we take air duct cleaning and safe, breathable air so seriously. 

If your Michigan home or business has experienced burst pipes, leaky roofs, fire damage, or flood damage, call us straight away at (248) 965-5914. Guardian Recovery Services is your trusted, local, Michigan water damage restoration company!

We Ensure Proper Compensation from Insurance Providers

The last thing you need when discovering a hidden leak or the presence of mold in your Michigan home or business is an insurance company that wants a quick, cheap resolution. At Guardian Recovery Services, we know the tactics insurance providers take to speed restoration services along as affordably as possible. We’ll advocate for a comprehensive payment from insurance companies while getting you back to life and work as quickly as possible. If you suspect mold in your structure, call us today at (248) 965-5914!