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Mold Removal Insurance Claims in Madison Heights, Michigan

How We Help With Insurance Claims

As an independent recovery services contractor, GRS is beholden to no insurance company, although we frequently work with all of them. This allows us to stand up to insurance companies to ensure that you, our customers, receive only the best possible services. We will not be bullied or manipulated into taking shortcuts that will deliver anything less than superior service. Guardian Recovery Services will support you throughout the entire claims process, no matter the size of your mold problem.

Meticulous Mold Remediation Documentation and Processes

GRS is IICRC certified and has the staff and management needed to handle most losses, from mold testing and evaluation to reconstruction. Our teams follow all EPA and OSHA regulations, as well as use only the latest scientific mold testing and state-of-the-art mold remediation protocols for your particular disaster recovery.

Guardian Recovery Services records an extensive amount of information about your Michigan mold infestation and our mold remediation efforts, and we adhere to a proven mold testing and removal process to see that your mold problem is completely contained and remedied.

  • Air and surface samples are coded to locations throughout your home or business for accurate mold test results and mold remediation protocols.
  • Moisture mapping pinpoints the locations of moisture issues contributing to mold outbreaks.
  • Psychometric readings monitor dry-out progress in wet areas.
  • Containment chambers are built on-site to contain mold and prevent cross-contamination with clean areas while mold remediation protocols are taking place.
  • Both mechanical and chemical mold remediation methods are used.
  • Your contaminated belongings are removed, transferred to our secure holding facility, cleaned, bubble-wrapped, and stored until mold remediation efforts are complete. Then we return your items to your home or business.
  • GRS contracts a third party to perform mold testing of your home or business to ensure the environment has been returned to safe and healthy ecological levels.

With this level of precise documentation and professional service, GRS has a large amount of irrefutable evidence and certified protocols with which to convince insurance companies to cover your mold remediation costs up to the fullest level of your policy coverage. Our number one priority is YOU, our client.

Help with Mold Removal Insurance Claims

At Guardian Recovery Services, based in Madison Heights, we know that insurance policies can be confusing, and the claims process can be a real headache. That’s why our team is here to weather the storm with you. We can examine your insurance policy to help you discover your level of mold removal coverage, as well as walk you through the mold remediation claims process.

We regularly work with numerous insurance companies across Michigan and are familiar with their requirements and protocols. We can help make even the insurance claims process pain-free. We mean it when we say, “Our service has to be experienced to be believed.”